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Our New Revolving Line Program

Our new revolving funding program is easy to obtain, cost effective and put's the business owner in control.  Draw funds as needed with no set up, monthly or draw fees.  Set up your online account and access funds within 24 hours!  Please call us if you would like additional detail or have any questions.


Draw funds as you need - avoid high cost MCA's

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Easy to obtain - online application

Unlike the bank, we don't require a security deposit, hard collateral or upfront cash

Stay in control and limit costs

Draw funds only when you need them and pay back only on what you use

Perfect credit isn't required

There is no hard credit pull and this won't affect your credit utilization rate

Compared to a Merchant Cash Advance

A Merchant Cash Advance is a great option for some; however, our Revolving Line Program can help save business owners a tremendous amount of money over time.  On the below example, you can see how our program would save a business owner over $37,000 during a 12 month period:


Highlights of our new program:

  • No set up fees, draw fees or monthly fees​

  • No minimum Fico requirement and doesn't affect your utilization rate

  • Max approval of $100,000

  • Convenient online portal to manage your account, draw funds, request limit increases and more

  • PrePay discounts can save more than 95% of overall costs

  • Easy online application process

  • After setting up online account, access funds within 24 hours

Questions?  Call 855-824-8030

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